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Gearless Motor

Gearless Motor

Star Elevator International Ltd is one of the China gearless motor suppliers and manufacturers, as a professional gearless motor company, we have our own gearless motor factory. Welcome to buy gearless motor products from us.


1.Constant Torque
2.Small Dimensions
3.Free of maintenance
4.Lower Noise
5.Environmental Protection



Gearless Elevator Traction Machine
1.Lower Noise
2.Free of maintenance
3.Constant Torque
4.Steady Running and Energy saving

Permenent Magnet Synchronization Gearless Elevator Traction Machine

Product Advantages:

1.Constant Torque
2.Small Dimensions
3.Free of maintenance
4.Lower Noise
5.Environmental Protection
6.Running Steadily
7.High efficiency
8.Safe and reliable
9.Energy saving
10.Wide-speed applicable


What is Permanent Magnet:

magnets used in the elevator is usually used in the operating temperature of up to 140 degrees, the life of demagnetization rate does not exceed 1% of the products, so we think it remains permanently magnetism in normal operating temperature . So called permanent magnet


What is Synchronization:

The interaction of two magnetic fields, the rotor is dragging synchronized with the rotation of the armature rotating magnetic field.



Noise Level:

Patent Design and Features 1. Machine Brake


Advantages of Plate Type brake
• Small working distance
• Energy saving
• Short braking lag time





2. Machine Noise solution-Patent technology

• Magnet Pole Angle

• Pole Arc Factor

3. High Quality Magnet
• Quality and features of magnets decide performance of traction machine, Webstar uses:
• 1, NdFeB magnet, with excellent Energy Product and high Coercive Force, standing high temperature of 140 degree
• 2, Fixing method of High temperature-resistant anaerobic adhesives +copper keep plate to ensure stable work of magnet

4. Axle Design

5. Bearing-Axle Design

6. Wiring Box Design

7. Load Analysis – ANSYS finite element analysis

8. Germany Import Encoder
9. Shrinkage Fit


Machine Type Load (kg) Speed(m/s) Max.
Static Load( kg)
Roping Sheave
Power (kw)
WB3T0 400-450 0.4 1500 2:1 320 1.1-4.7
  450 0.75-1.5 3000 2:1 400 2.3-4.7
WB3T0 630 1.0-1.75 2500 2:1 400 4.3-7.5
  800 1.0-2.5 2500 2:1 400 5.0-13.4
  1000 1.0-2.5 3000 2:1 400 6.0-16.7
  1150 1.0-2.5 3000 2:1 400 7.0-18.5
WB6T0 1600 0.63-3.0 6000 2:1 450 6.7-32.0
  1250 1.0-2.5 6000 2:1 450 7.8-19.5
  1350 1.0-2.5 6000 2:1 450 9.0-21.0

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